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melting ice cream

This painting/artwork is available as a triptych and is an example of Zen Art commonly used in the Cafeteria or Refreshment Center of a company. The use of cobalt blue with red and chrome yellow gives it a bright and soothing look. The beautiful lines from Issa explicate the mood of the cafeteria where staff take a short break after a usually busy morning session at work.

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ArtVantage strongly supports the UK Government’s initiatives on Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR (*). We have been discussing with CSR officers in a number of organisations opportunities for using the ArtVantage portfolio to further such initiatives. You may be interested in the work below with your portfolio in mind. Invest in your organisation’s future to the benefit of society across the world.     

City of Red Doors    Artist: Datta, Samij

City of Red Doors  
Artist: Datta, Samij

Farm House             Artist: Datta, Samij

Farm House      
Artist: Datta, Samij

South Wind             Artist: Datta, Samij

South Wind      
Artist: Datta, Samij

Woodblock Summer   Artist: Datta, Samij (2006)

Woodblock Summer 
Artist: Datta, Samij


(*) CSR describes the voluntary actions that a business can take, over and above compliance with it’s own minimum legal requirements, to address both it’s own competitive interests and the interests of the wider society

Please contact ArtVantage if you would like to discuss these investment opportunities and we will put you in contact with the appropriate people.

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