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125x36 full logo 9-8-05

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melting ice cream

This painting/artwork is available as a triptych and is an example of Zen Art commonly used in the Cafeteria or Refreshment Center of a company. The use of cobalt blue with red and chrome yellow gives it a bright and soothing look. The beautiful lines from Issa explicate the mood of the cafeteria where staff take a short break after a usually busy morning session at work.

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About Us : ArtVantage was founded in 2007 by Jeff Ross (UK) and Joy Roy Choudhury (India) to promote and foster art and culture in UK, India and Europe. At ArtVantage, it is the wide spread knowledge and understanding of art and its co-related literature which is of utmost importance than anything else. With the help of technology, art, which is as old as civilization itself, is defined with a triadic NEW CONCEPT through theory, art design and literature.

This is the main focus of ArtVantage:- to create and promote art with a concept, which is highly innovative and thought provoking, which challenges and redefines the meaning and association of the history of art/science/philosophy/music and literature.

At ArtVantage, we believe that all arts are highly interactive and interrelated, there is intertextuality everywhere, there is correspondence in everything, and without this no art lives for a moment to tease us out of thought.

ArtVantage promotes artists through exhibitions and workshops in London, Paris, Vienna, Rome, Krakow, Geneva, New Delhi, Bangalore and Calcutta.

India's Buying Agent for Arts: E-Aryans, C/O Joy Roy Choudhury, 32A, Milan Park, Post-Garia, Kolkata-700084, India

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