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melting ice cream

This painting/artwork is available as a triptych and is an example of Zen Art commonly used in the Cafeteria or Refreshment Center of a company. The use of cobalt blue with red and chrome yellow gives it a bright and soothing look. The beautiful lines from Issa explicate the mood of the cafeteria where staff take a short break after a usually busy morning session at work.

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Defining Corporate Art: At ArtVantage, we define corporate art as contemporary paintings/artworks usually in diptyches or triptychs that fit well in with the space of a particular room in use for a specific purpose in an office, hospital, educational institution, and hotel or airport terminal. The composition of corporate art is based on colour and shapes with a definitive theme corresponding to the corporate ethics of the workplace or core business center of any company. Corporate art is a part of a company’s interior design but at the same time it can facilitate its brand identity and strengthen interpersonal communication within its employees, investors and stake-holders.

You can buy Corporate Art on various categories for your Office, Hotel and Restaurant or Institution.

The popular categories of Corporate Art are:

Landscape, Abstract, Geometric, Retro, Zen, Floral

Corporate Art with a theme or Conceptualised Corporate Art can be installed for your Reception Center, Conference Room, Training Room, Boardroom and Refreshment or Cafeteria.

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