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125x36 full logo 9-8-05

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melting ice cream

This painting/artwork is available as a triptych and is an example of Zen Art commonly used in the Cafeteria or Refreshment Center of a company. The use of cobalt blue with red and chrome yellow gives it a bright and soothing look. The beautiful lines from Issa explicate the mood of the cafeteria where staff take a short break after a usually busy morning session at work.

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Art is one of the strongest mediums to exercise freedom of the individual/artist and to liberate imagination in the form of colours, shapes, lines and textures.

Art is not only a skillful profession but it demands a discipline, which is subtler than the mere physical, vital existence of the artist. The consciousness of unlimited imagination, the honest endeavour of the artist to his work, his surrender to his art and his subject is what art demands. The history of art and architecture has endless examples of such surrendered souls who created masterpieces like Mona Lisa or the Frescoes in Sistine Chapel.

Art or painting has close correspondence with poetry/lyric and music. As Charles Baudelaire, the French poet had observed there is parallelism between “perfumes, colours and sounds”. At ArtVantage, we are trying to showcase through art these allegorical associations and correspondences that form a recurrent symbolic pattern in our thought process and imagination. Similarly, Salvador Dali (1), the greatest surrealist painter of our times perceived Jesus as cheese, “a whole mountain range of cheese!”1 As a Catalonian, Dali's memory of food and culinary details formed a big part in his later works.

(1) Salvador Dali', The Secret Life (New York, 1942).

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